ITA is a federal government institution dedicated to provide high level education and research in Science and Technology areas of interest to the aerospace sector in general, and especially to the Aeronautical Command.
    Created in 1950, by inspiration of Air Force hero Casimiro Montenegro Filho and intense international cooperation, ITA has a tradition in pioneering experiences in engineering-related education in Brazil.
    Rated one of the best academic institutions in Brazil in engineering and related fields, ITA offers regular undergraduate courses in engineering, and graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master and Doctor. Extension and specialization courses are also offered according to market demands.

Undergratuate Courses

Graduate Programs

Main Research Areas

- Aero & Mechanical Engineering
- Air Infrastructure Engineering
- Computer & Electronic Engineering

ITA is considered to be the cradle of the modern Brazilian aerospace industry






Undergratuate Courses

ITA offers undergraduate courses in:

- Aeronautical Engineering
- Electronic Engineering
- Mechanical-Aeronautical
- Civil-Aeronautical Engineering
- Computer Engineering

All undergraduate students are granted full scholarships during entire five-year period.







Graduate Programs

Graduate programs at ITA are designed to qualify selected professionals and conduct research in the fields of:

- Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering
- Electronic & Computer Engineering
- Aeronautical Infrastructure Engineering
- Physics





Main Research Areas

Aero & Mechanical Engineering

- Mechatronics & Aerospace Systems Dynamics

- Smart Structures & Composites

- Structures Dynamics

- Plate/Shell Aeroelasticity

- Materials Science

- Materials and Processes Technology

- Manufacturing Technology

- Computational Fluid Dynamics

- Aerodynamics, Propulsion and Energy

- Energetic Systems Analysis

- IT Economics & Management

- Applications of OR & Statiscs








Air Infrastructure Engineering

- Transportation Infrastructure

- Air Transportation & Airports


Computer & Electronic Engineering

- System & Control

- Telecommunications

- Microwaves & Optoelectronics

- Electronics Systems & Devices

- Informatics


- Atomic and Molecular Physics

- Nuclear Physics

- Plasma Physics





Established as the first Institute of the Aerospace Technical Center (CTA), ITA is considered to be the cradle of the modern Brazilian aerospace industry. Located in São José dos Campos, in the State of São Paulo, the CTA campus composes four institutes and spreads over a large area including teaching and R&D laboratories as well as a complete residential facilities for students, professors, researchers, and other professionals.